Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Well the first week of the MTC has been crazy! When you first get here a million things happen at once! I felt like I was on a conveyor belt being taken around everywhere. I met my companions which are Elder Hummer and Elder Bramwell! They are pretty cool and we have a lot in common. 
On Thursday we had class all day long! Well that what it is like everyday! You dont have any free time! You are busy all day long! But I love it! I have changed so much and I love the gospel and this work more then I ever thought I could have. I hope this doesnt make you feel bad, but I havent gotten home sick once this week. I love serving the lord I cant thank him enough for all of the blessings i have recieved from him!
On Thursday I also was made a Zone Leader! Which was crazy because I had absolutley no idea what I was doing! I finally stopped getting lost trying to find my way around only like yesterday. I was so confused haha. But i am grateful for this responsibilty and I know the Lord will be helping me every step of the way, because I know i definitely can't do it on my own. 
On Sunday I had to play the music. So i pulled out my old reliable hymn! Sweet Hour of Prayer. Haha it's my signature one! The devotional Sunday night was great! I learned so much and the spirit is just so great.
On Tuesday we had another devotional and Elder Scott came and Spoke! He talked a lot about prayer and how great it actually is. God is listening to us every time we pray and he hears and WILL answer your prayers. My Faith has increased so much and I am praying all the time. I know he can help me with anything.
 So on monday when i leave I will probably be calling between 6 and7. But have moms phone ready because I could be wrong. We have a layover in Detroit but then its straight to Pittsburgh from there. The church is True I love you all and God loves you too.
Elder May

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