Monday, February 29, 2016

Great week! The weather is starting to warm up and I am definitely getting some spring fever! I can't wait for the warm weather to return. This week had some great things happen! We had a lesson with a recent convert named Marilyn. While we were there we met her brother David. He came and sat in on the lesson. He didn't really say anything but at the end of the lesson he had a couple of questions. We talked a little bit about the restoration and the Book of Mormon. After he looked at his sister and said, "I guess I'll come to church with you tomorrow." You should have seen how happy Marilyn was! She testified that this church was "the truth" and that were the ones with "the plan" haha. He came to church the next day! We had a pretty interesting experience with our friend Billy Bob. He was telling us about his stomach problems and how he was going to have to have surgery. I think part of the problem is that he likes to eat out at a pizza restaurant every day. He started patting his belly to demonstrate that there was a problem with it. Then he offered us the opportunity to rub his belly so we could feel how weird it was. Elder Griffin declined the offer so I decided to give it a little poke just so he would feel good haha. The people you meet out here are awesome! We had a lesson with Julia and it was great. She is trying to recognize her answer from the Holy Ghost. We asked her why she comes to church every week and why she allows us to come and teach her. She said that she has never met nicer people before then the ones she has met in the church. She told us how every time she goes she feels the Holy Ghost and the whole thing just feels good. She then said that she has never felt closer to God before then she does right now! It was very powerful when she said that. She knows this is all true, it won't be long before she is ready.
Well thank you for all of the support. Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This has been a wonderful week! We had the memorial service for sister Wells this week and it was a very spiritual meeting. We talked about the plan of salvation and were able to celebrate the life that Sister Wells had and to also remember the amazing missionary she was. At the end the missionaries were able to all sing together. I felt the spirit so strongly singing with all the missionaries around me. It was one those moments where you just feel so strongly that this church is true.
The rest of the week was great. We asked Julia to be baptized on Monday and she said it is something that she sees herself doing for sure. She just wants to know for herself that the Book of Mormon is true and that his church was restored through Joseph Smith. She has such a strong desire to know for herself independent from anyone else, by the power of the Holy Ghost. And the best part is that she is doing all she can to find out. She comes to church every week, reads and prays daily, comes to young women's. So pretty much everything she can do. I know for sure she will receive the answer she is looking for, and it is going to be so powerful for her when she does! We had a lesson with her on the Holy Ghost last night. She said that the reason she has come to church every week is because she feels the Holy Ghost whenever she is there. She said if she didn't feel the holy ghost, she would not be coming. It has been so cool to be able to work with her whole family. They are so prepared and it is humbling to think out of all the places in the whole world I could be, I am here in Pittsburgh and an able to be a part of this. I am very grateful for my mission and I know Pennsylvania is where I need to be. Something cool that happened is our ward took in half of the Pittsburgh 5th ward. So we are a lot bigger and we are now the Greentree ward. That was pretty exciting. I am grateful to be a missionary. It is an indescribable experience. The Savior lives and this is his work. Have a great week everyone!

Monday, February 8, 2016

What a great week! And the best part is transfers have come and I am going to stay here! The crazy thing is the Elder Wilkins is getting transferred. This is his first area and he has only been here for a couple of months so him leaving was definitely unexpected. I am going to miss him for sure. I have loved learning from and serving with him.

We were able to get new investigator this week named Al. We talked to his sister while she was sitting outside and she said we could come back. When we came back she wasn't too interested but her brother who is living with her was. He had actually been taught by missionaries a couple of years ago. He said that they would always bring him donuts though.... So we can't compete with that!! Hopefully being spiritually fed will be good enough for him. He said he was going to make it to church but when the ride called him he said he was sick. Thats alright we will keep working with him.

On Sunday Julia and her dad came to church today. We taught her about Lehi’s dream and showed her the picture that goes with it; the one with the iron rod and the tree and the building. Well after the lesson she pulled that picture up online and drew it, she put it on social media and a lot of her friends were asking her about it. So she told them what it was and explained it! She is awesome! A couple of her friends want to know more so hopefully this week we can meet with them.

Life out here is great and I am happy to be staying in the 6th ward. I love the people here. They are missionary minded and really help us feel like family. I love being a missionary. What a blessing! I have changed in so many ways that I could never thank my Heavenly Father enough. I know if we do the things he asks us to, we will be happy and we will be able to fulfill our potential. It's interesting isn't it, once we decide we actually don't know better than God and do what he asks, we receive so many blessings and are truly happy. He loves all of us so much, I know that to be true. All he asks is that we follow him. Have a great week!

Monday, February 1, 2016

What another great week! Pittsburgh is seriously one of the best places out there. I am so blessed that I have been able to spend a large portion of my mission in this area. This week we had a member come with us to teach a lesson, but they said today wasn't a good day. So as we were heading back to the car Brother Haglund said, "I know who we can see." So he took us to this oil preparing/ packaging factory. He said that the owner of the factory was a really good friend that he hadn't seen in 20 years! So we went up to the gates and the security guard let us in so we could see Brother Haglund’s friend. When we saw him, they both were very happy to see each other. We talked to him for a little bit and then he asked if we would like a tour of the factory! So he gave us hard hats and safety glasses and showed us around. He showed us where the barges delivered the oil from the river. And then he showed us around to all the assembly line machinery and it was awesome. I just remember walking through the factory and thinking to myself, "well this was an unexpected event for today!" Haha It was awesome though. This Sunday was awesome as well! Julia and her dad came to church again. Julia told her boss that she can no longer work on Sundays so she will be able to come to our ward every Sunday now. She's doing great and is such an example of a sincere heart. She is reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it is true and is acting to get that answer. Last night we also felt prompted to stop by a potential investigator named Ashley. When we met her she was just sitting on her porch and said we could stop by some time. When we got there, her brother answered the door and let us right in. We had an awesome lesson about the Book of Mormon and she told us how she feels it is so important to be open to things in life. She's excited to start learning more and for us to come back. Being a missionary is the best. I definitely can't complain about the 60° weather we’re having out here. The church is true and I know the Savior lives. Have a great week everyone.