Monday, August 10, 2015

Hey Everyone! Every week out here is awesome but this week was especially awesome. So it started out by being able to go to the D.C Temple! One of the people that Elder Hoyt and I were able to teach in Wheeling got baptized. His name is Jasper and he is such a great example to me. Jasper moved to Maryland while we were teaching him and after that I thought that would be the last I heard of him. But after I got transferred I got a call from the Elder's in Wheeling saying that Jasper had called them because he wanted to let Elder Hoyt and I know that after he had moved he had gotten baptized!! I called Jasper and he said that he was doing great and that he was the most happy he had been before. He said that he was planning on going to the temple that upcoming week! So we called our mission president and he said that Elder Liston and I would be able to go with him as long as we got a member to take us!!
Meeting at the temple was so amazing. I saw him walking over to us and he looked like a different person. He seemed so much happier and at peace, he had a different light about him and I know that was the Holy Ghost. Going to the temple is amazing, but going with someone that we had been able to teach and who was going for the very first time was different. I was so overcome with gratitude in the temple. The last time I had seen Jasper he had some concerns about this church and now I was sitting next to him in the temple! That was a miracle to me. It was also a testimony to me of how much Christ is apart of this work that we do and how much he loves us personally, how much he loved Jasper personally and how happy he was to have Jasper making the covenants he needed to return to live with him again. I learn more and more every day how much this life isn't about us. It is about turning away from ourselves and looking to help our Fathers children, and that is when we feel the most joy, peace and fulfillment in our lives.

After the temple the day just kept on getting better! We stopped at this place called HipHop Chicken. While we were there I ran into someone who I thought looked familiar... It was Elder Spence Lawrence!! Just kidding it wasn't an accident that we were both there haha. On the way home from the temple I would be going through his mission so we both talked to our mission president's and they said it would be okay if we got some lunch together! It was so great getting to talk to him again. I never thought I would be able to see one of my best friends while I was out on my mission. It was great talking to him about everything! I think the coolest part was that we both didn't skip a beat when we saw each other, it was just like old times, but at the same time we both have changed a lot for the better. While we were eating Spencer started talking to a lady about the church and asked if some missionaries would be able to go over and teach her sometime. I really look up to him and it was cool to see that my friends and I were out doing the same thing no matter where we are in the world. That right now our whole purpose was to invite others to come unto Christ. I am so grateful for all of them and the examples they are to me.

The week ended with a trip down to Pittsburgh for some meetings. We had a great time and received some awesome training about the Book of Mormon. I strengthened my conviction and desire to share it with everyone. After the training we were able to go on a hike for the rest of  the night! On Sunday I was able to give a talk and I never thought I would say this, but I wished I had more time up there haha. I love the mission and I love being out here. This has been the best times of my life and I am grateful for all that I have learned. Have a great week, thank you for all the support!

Elder May and his good friend Elder Lawrence

Elder May and Jasper

Elder May and Elder Liston

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