Monday, January 25, 2016

This was another great week! You all probably heard about the storm that hit us on the news. Don't worry, we all survived! We did get a lot of snow though. We went to teach a lesson and when we got out it was like a blizzard! Driving in the snow in Pittsburgh is a whole new experience. With all of the hills and cobblestone roads it is definitely expert level! We got to shovel a lot of snow and it didn't even snow after we got done to ruin all of our work his time haha. It is amazing how grateful people are and how much a small act of service means. The snow has definitely been a blessing to be able to see that. Julia is doing great. She came to young women's this week and to church and choir on Sunday. Her dad even came in a suit and tie this week! He is doing great and I feeling more and more comfortable at church. It has definitely been a blessing to teach that family. It just shows more and more of how this is Heavenly Father's work and he is preparing people! They have been such a blessing and it has been awesome to see how much they are growing and changing. Yesterday we had a great blessing. We were driving home from church when I had that very familiar feeling that I was forgetting something. So I looked around and sure enough I had left my iPad at the church. We drove back and looked around and found it, which was nice, and we also were able to talk to one of the members who was still at the church. We talked to him and we asked if he would be able to come see some people with us. He said he could and that he wanted to take us to see some people as well. He took us to see the Darbous family. Brother Darbous has cancer and doesn't have much longer to live. It was such a sweet spirit in that home as we talked with them. They were all so happy even though there was this hardship they were going through. It was such an example to me of how Christ wants us to live. He wants us to be of good cheer. And because of the gospel and his restored church, we can do that. We have hope that this life is not it and no matter what we do, we can start fresh and be clean. I am grateful for all the things we have to be happy for in life. I pray we can all look around and find those things. Thank you everyone! Have a great week.

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