Monday, January 4, 2016

Wow what an awesome week! Elder Wilkins and I have seen some miracles happen in this area and I am just so full of gratitude right now! On New Years Eve we were short on miles so we walked all day. As we were out and about we saw a man loading some speakers into a shopping cart so he could take them from his apartment to a building up the street. We asked if we could help and he agreed! So we put the speakers in the cart for him and carried the poles for the legs to the speakers. After helping him get everything where it needed to be we walked outside and began walking the streets again. As we were walking the cops drove up next to us and got out of their car. They came up to us and said they had received a 911 call from a lady saying she saw two Caucasian males wearing bags walking down the streets carrying long rifles! I told him we matched the first two parts except we were definitely lacking the rifle part. Elder Wilkins then figured it out. We told him we had been carrying poles up the street and the lady that called must have thought the poles were weapons. While we were talking to the cop his cop friend was across the street talking to the women who called. As she was talking to him we heard her say, "They were the biggest guns I have ever seen!!" Nevertheless we were found innocent haha! That is only the second time on my mission he cops have been called on me so that is pretty good I would have to say! Sunday was possibly the best Sunday of my mission. There is a less active man in our ward named Brother Olson. His daughter, Julia, is a senior in high school and is thinking about going to school in Utah. She is not a member and her dad hasn't been to church probably since he was a teenager. On Friday we decided to stop by and see them. We have been trying to set things up with Julia for a while but things kept falling through. As we were walking up to her doorstep she was walking out towards her car. So it was perfect timing. We talked to her for a second and she said she was happy that we stopped by and that she really wants to meet with us. We gave her a Book of Mormon and bore our testimonies on it. Saturday we invited her to church and she said that her and her dad were going to be there! During testimony meeting it was awesome, her dad kept explaining everything to her and how things worked. Then she stood up and walked right up and bore her testimony. She talked about how this was her first time ever coming to church and how grateful she was that we had stopped by and for the chance she had to learn more about this church and the Book of Mormon. She said how she was grateful for the savior and for the spirit she had felt at church. When she sat down her dad got up and bore his testimony. I don't think he had ever shared his testimony before! I can't explain the spirit that was in the chapel as they bore some of the most sincere testimonies I have ever heard. I am so grateful to be a part of this work. I am beginning to understand how much Heavenly Father loves his children. Brother Olson and Julia are so amazing and have been prepared for right now. He wants all of us, no exceptions, to live with him again, and through Christ we can. This is Heavenly Fathers work and I am eternally grateful that someone like me can be a part of it. Have a great week everyone!

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