Monday, April 18, 2016

This was an awesome week!! We have really been praying and working with Julia and this week she was able to be baptized! It has been awesome teaching her and seeing all of the miracles that have happened and then being able to see her be baptized. I haven't met someone as prepared as she is. The baptism went great as well. She was able to sing "I heard him come" with her dad and it was really good. Her whole family was able to come even her grandpa and aunt from Utah, along with a lot of her friends from School so it turned out really great. She is excited to go to the temple so hopefully she can get there before too long!

After the Baptism Elder Slade and I were walking around visiting people and Elder Slade said, "I feel like we need to be an answer to someone's prayers tonight." I kind of brushed it off and didn't really pay attention to it. But that night we felt strongly that we needed to visit certain people but none of them were home. As we were walking up the street we saw some people outside so we went up to talk with them. Turns out they have a couple of days to move everything out of the house they are in. They had no way to move it all out by themselves and were praying to receive some help. They told us how much of a blessing we were to them. So we will be going back to help them this week. I was really humbled afterwards thinking about how in tune Elder Slade was with the Spirit. I just brushed it off but he was listening and we were able to be that answer to their prayers. It was such a great week, and we were able to see God's hand in so many different ways! Thank you for all of the support!

Elder May 

Julia's baptism (My arm is on the glass behind her, not around her!!)

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