Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey everyone!! This week was a great one! Well I don't know if it was too good of one for Elder Hoyt. He sprained his ankle about a week ago and we took him in to get it checked out. They said he got a 3 degree sprain and that he tore all of the ligaments in his ankle. So yeah he got it pretty good. The really funny part is that he injured it trying to do some flying Irish heel click thing! I keep telling him it is hard to feel bad for him when he injured it like that, it was just too funny! Just kidding I do feel bad for him but he isn't letting him slow him down which is great! He is a great missionary and I am grateful for his example.
So on Monday we went fishing... and I almost caught a lot of fish! They got lucky this time. We were out there fishing when out of nowhere it started POURING!! But we had a great week. We have been struggling to find people this month but that is okay because I know that we are doing all we can and the Lord will bless us. We have appointments set up for next week so it will all be good. Hopefully I can learn how to use a computer next week and figure out how to email. Have a great week.

Elder May

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