Monday, April 6, 2015

The highlight of this week was definitely General Conference! Ahh man I loved it so much. All of the talks were amazing and I was able to feel the Spirit very strongly for the last two days. I loved how a lot of the talks seem to be centred on us having our foundation in Christ. Hardships and trials are going to come in our lives, I can promise you that. But I can also promise you that when those storms of life come, if our foundation is built upon Christ, we will not fall. That is a guarantee . He is there for us at all times and I am so grateful for the Strength that comes because of him. On our own we might not be able to make it, but he hasn't asked us to do it on our own. We have Him every step of the way.
This week has some awesome things happen as well. On Thursday I was on exchanges with Elder Miller. I loved serving with him for the day. We are really similar and he wants to work hard so that was awesome serving with him. The funny part was that this awesome family in the ward planned and Easter Egg hunt for us that day and Elder Hoyt was in a different area haha. So he missed out on that one. He was pretty Jealous which I had to remind him is against the commandments haha. Later on we were able to teach Josh. He is doing awesome still. He said he has felt the presence of the Holy Ghost with him throughout the whole week! He has noticed it's preasence in his life already which is super awesome. He even volunteered to go on splits with us the next day. He was excited every time we saw some one and was ready to talk to them and give them Book of Mormons and everything! And he has only been baptized a week. Man what a great example.
Thank you everyone for the examples that you are. I hope that you were all able to have an awesome Easter. Have a good one.
Elder May
Cutest little dog ever

Elder May's new mission car! (I seriously doubt it)

Looking cool

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