Friday, December 25, 2015


Yeah I got your package yesterday I think! Do you know how hard it is to wait until Christmas to open everything?? I almost did but I figured your mom senses would have gone off if I did open them early haha. Is the air abuzz with Christmas spirit over there? Parker and I will be switching spots next Christmas! That is pretty weird to think about. Things are going great out here. We went caroling in downtown Pittsburgh this week! That was really cool. We sang on the trains, at the ice skating rink with the mega tree and we also went to a lot of nursing homes. That is one of my favorite things to do. It means the whole world to them for someone to come and spend some time with them. So Lindsey is coming out east huh? Well she is going to love it! Hopefully Sherie will be able to handle it haha. How is Alex doing these days? So for Skype we can do it on our iPads so we can really do it anytime. My companions family is trying to do it around 2:00 our time so if that works we can try then. Since we have iPads I am allowed to check my emails throughout the week, just not respond, so just let me know if that works, love you! I will talk to you in 4 days!

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