Monday, December 7, 2015

Like always this was another great week here in Pittsburgh! The best part has been the weather! It looks like we are going to be having a 67 degree weather day coming up here! I am definitely complaining. The longer that we can go with warm weather the better haha.
On Monday my companion and I got to play tennis! It was super fun! There is a court really close to our house so we were able to go and play as long as we wanted. I had to use a pink racket but it had some serious power haha.
We were able to teach a lot of our investigators again this week! Alex ( the one from the Congo) was able to make it to church on Sunday. We got him a Swahili Book of Mormon and he said that he is going to share it with his whole family. He is awesome! As we were walking down the street we met a lady and began talking to her. Apparently she had missionaries come by in the past and she wanted us to come by and see her again! We set up a time and then she asked us what our favorite kind of cookie was. She told us when we came by on Thursday she would have 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies cooked up for us!!! That is a lot of cookies, maybe we can find someone to share them with! The only problem is when people think that Elders made the food, they tend not to eat it haha!
I was thinking a lot this week about the Holy Ghost and how we are promised that we may Always have his spirit to be with us. As missionaries we pray for the spirit all the time in everything that we do. But I was thinking, how often do I actually stop and take the time to listen to the still, small, subtle promptings that do come from the spirit... And I don't think it is very much. Sometimes I feel like I am not receiving guidance from the spirit, but am I actually taking the time to try and listen? We are all promised that we may have His spirit to be with us, maybe we just need to take sometime to listen to it! Thank you for all the support. Try not to freeze out there! Maybe I will pull out the short sleeve shirts again for this week!
Elder May

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