Monday, May 2, 2016

This has been a great week! We were able to help another couple in a pretty sticky situation move out of there home this week! They were really grateful because they had to be out by the end of the month. But I definitely learned the importance of having love in a home. We were able to see a lot of great things happen with the less active members we have been teaching. There are a few who have been coming to church and are working on going to the temple! So great things are happening there. We also have seen so many great things happen as we have been spending a lot of our time finding investigators. We have been led by the spirit to many different people who are prepared. One young man named Damon is one of them. We met him last week and gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to read it. When we went to go see him this week he said that he had been reading the Book of Mormon for an hour every night and that he had been loving it!! He said he loved what it taught and that he wanted to learn more. As we were preparing to have like the best lesson ever with him, his mom started yelling to him from the inside of the house. She chewed him out pretty bad and them came outside and yelled at us as well... So we weren't able to teach him but we will keep trying. Oh yeah miracle of the week! I couldn't find my magnet name tag anywhere and I thought it would show up eventually. Well I was on exchanges this week and apparently a less active lady came up to Elder Slade while they were in Mckees rocks and told them she had seen my name tag in a mud puddle on the side of the road. So we looked over there a couple of days later and we found it stuck right in the mud on the side of the road! But hey I found it! I lost this same name tag for all of last winter in a church parking lot and some members found it when all the snow melted. So I am still being blessed on finding my things haha. Well thank you for all the support and have a great week!

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