Monday, May 16, 2016

Well this was an exciting week! We started off by not knowing whether or not I was going to be in a trio for the rest of this week, or if my new companion was going to be able to be healthy enough to leave the MTC and arrive in Tuesday when he was originally scheduled. Well I went to the meeting where all of the new trainers and trainees are and my new companion was there! He got approved to leave the day after everyone else from his group had left so he flew on the red eye flight to Pittsburgh and made it right on time, with no sleep either haha. His name is Elder Halsey and he is awesome. He chipped and sprained his ankle in the MTC so he has a boot on but he will be wearing a brace it looks like now. After the meeting I was saying goodbye to some missionaries and one of the Elders who I was in a trio with, came up to me and said that during the meeting they went to see some people and had popped our tire... But he did wish us luck with the whole thing! So we had to replace a flat tire our first day together so it was pretty exciting. This week has been great finding new people to teach. Elder Halsey is really in tune with the spirit. We have had a lot of people who have said that they would love to meet with us. We were walking down the street one day and I told Elder Halsey to pick a door he was feeling prompted to knock on. He walked right up to a door and knocked on it. We met the most awesome lady ever named Carolyn, or Mama C. That is what we call her haha. We talked to her about the Book of Mormon and as we were testifying of it she said she was getting goose bumps all over. I was showing her one of my favorite scriptures and after I finished, she took the Book of Mormon back and said, "Hey give my book back!" It was pretty funny and now we will be going to see her this week. Sunday was great! Our investigator Marlon came to church and had a great experience. We were super busy the rest of the day. We met with a LA lady named Stephanie as our last appointment for the night. She is going through a lot and is really determined to put Christ first in her life again. As we shared scriptures and bore our testimonies of Christ's love she started crying. She is so awesome and her goal is to make it to the temple before too long. I love being a part of this work! It is such a blessing to be able to have this time where we have opportunity to forget about ourselves and serve others, and that is one of the greatest feelings there is. Thank you everyone and have a great week!

An abandoned house in Pittsburgh with a tree growing out of it

Elder Hasley and Elder May

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