Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Another week has flown by here in Pitt! There were some great highlights for the week! It started with our lesson with Marlon! He is progressing really well and is excited for baptism. We really wanted to focus on him fully understanding what the restoration is and why it is important to be baptized in this church. At the end of the lesson he said that he understood the priesthood is essential and that is why it is important to be baptized in this church! It was great to teach him simply and for him to understand and for things to connect in his mind. After we knelt down and said a prayer. He prayed sincerely to know if this church and if the Book of Mormon was the word of God. He said he already believed in his heart it was true, he just wanted to know. It was awesome. The adversary tried to disrupt the prayer by having someone pull up in front of his house blasting "Smooth criminal" by MJ, but Marlon persevered and said an awesome prayer.

Yesterday was awesome! Julia and her dad are continuing to come to church! Julia is doing awesome and has been working with members on going to the temple really soon. She will be heading out to Utah soon so going to the temple beforehand would be the perfect way to go. After church we were able to go on three team ups with RM's who are out here just for the summer doing door to door sales. It was so fun to be able to go with these guys who had been home from their missions for a year. They talked about how much they missed being a missionary and how they wanted to go out with us as often as they could. It was cool to see the change that had taken effect on these guys. It showed me how much my mission will continue to mean to me after I get home. I am grateful for every single day out here, and it sure does fly. I love the happiness and joy I feel out here. People wonder how it is possible when we are so secluded from worldly things. It's because you have the opportunity to think about others and care for them and there is a joy that accompanies that which you can't find anywhere else. Thank you for all of the support, have a good week!
Elder May

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