Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hey Everyone! So this was a pretty crazy week with a pretty big change that took place in our mission. We got an email on Thursday from our mission president saying that the Lancaster and Harrisburg stakes, and all of the missionaries serving there, are now part of the Maryland, Baltimore mission!! So we lost about 50 missionaries and some of my closest friends I have made out here are now in a completely different mission. My last area, York, is now part of that mission as well. So that was pretty crazy. I didn't know things like that happened. But all of the missionaries who are a part of it are taking it really well.
We had some great things happen this week! I told you a little bit about Rachel in my last email, well this week she called us and invited us to have dinner with her family. When we first met her we got to know her really well and she asked what were some of the things that we missed the most, and I told her my Mom's home cooked meals. She said that really touched her heart and that she wanted to cook us a homemade meal. She is so awesome!! She told us how her greatest desire really is to be a good mom. I thought that was so cool especially in the world today where a lot of things seem to take a higher priority than motherhood. We got to talk to her and her family for awhile and we talked about all sorts of things. We talked about the spiritual experiences we have had on our missions and how the best part of our missions is how our relationship with Jesus Christ has grown so much! She said she really wants to come to church so hopefully her and her family will be there this week. We will be going back to see her this week as well.
The rest of the week was pretty typical! We were able to see a lot of people and found some new Investigators to teach as well. Every week at church I get asked multiple times when I am going to be moving into the ward! I think they are going to be giving me a calling soon haha. I am grateful I have gotten to serve in this area for 13 months! Have a great week everyone!

Elder May

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