Monday, February 16, 2015

So this week has been freezing cold!! With wind chill it was like -10 degrees the other day. But we survived so it's all good. We got cut like 150 miles this month so we are back to walking just like the good ole' carless days with Elder Taylor haha. But I actually kind of prefer that. Well at least when the weather gets warmer anyway. 
But this week has been great and full of miracles. On Tuesday we had our lesson with Thomas and we read Alma 24 when the Anti Nephi Lehis bury there weapons of war. So Thomas took all of his cigarettes outside and we dumped them on the ground and then smashed them all. It was pretty fun actually! It is a pretty satisfying feeling to smash cigarettes to pieces especially when they are preventing your investigators from getting baptised. 
On Wednesday we met a referral we had gotten named Josh. Someone in our ward had given him a Book of Mormon and he had already read all the way through 1 Nephi by the time that we saw him. He said that he loved everything that he had been reading so far. He is so awesome and I can't wait to be able to meet with him. He has been prepared so much! 
Friday we were preparing for our lesson with Chris. We felt for some reason that we really needed to teach him in tithing. We had been studying for something else but we decided to start studying on tithing instead. We got a feeling that it was what we needed to do. When we got there his whole family was there and they were going to sit in on the lesson. That was the first time his wife has ever sat in and we were so happy for that. She kept talking about how she wanted to grow closer as a family and we were able to teach her about how the gospel blesses families. After the lesson we were wondering why we felt so strongly to teach tithing. As I was thinking about it, a thought came to me. Maybe we were supposed to plan on teaching tithing because when we got there, it was so obvious that it was not what we should teach. If we had gone with our original lesson plan, maybe that would have seemed okay to teach in that situation but it wouldn't have been what she needed to hear. Us going there and knowing for sure that we shouldn't teach tithing made it so we had to listen and try to teach to what she needed to hear. I hope that makes sense but that was so cool to me. The spirit works in so many ways and we just need to put our full trust in god and allow him to work miracles.
Saturday we had lunch with our Spanish Investigator. She made us cow tongue... and I loved it!! It was good! So that is the first meal I want when I get home mom. Just so you know ;)
This week I will be baptizing 3 of the sister missionaries investigators. I am really excited and touched that they asked me to do that for them. They are one of the coolest families that you will ever meet. But it will be interesting because one is in a wheelchair and one doesn't have a leg. So we will see how this goes. It will all be good though. The spirit will be there as these 3 people are making the decision to be baptized which will be the most important decision they will ever make in there lives. I love this church and I am so grateful for the blessing that I have to be out here serving. The relationship that I have been able to gain with my saviour is something that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Thank you for the support that you all give me.
Elder May

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