Monday, February 23, 2015

This week was an awesome week ending with the baptism of the Young family. It has been really, really, really cold out here, but we are still keeping really busy. We have been super blessed with some amazing people to teach.
On Monday we were able to teach Thomas again. He is doing a lot better with not smoking and he is excited for his Baptismal date. When we got there he was rubbing some lotion on his grandma's feet because they had red lumps on them. He said that he was wearing gloves because he didn't know if it was contagious or not but then we would rub the left over lotion on his face... So if he has red lumps on his face the next time we see him, it was contagious haha. I love Thomas a ton though. I don't know if he has had many friends in his life so us going over there and showing him that we care is making the biggest difference right now. Missionary work can be done in so many ways. For Thomas, he just needs to feel like he has a friend. So we have been calling him every night to see how he is doing. It has been really fun. He laughs super easy so I feel like a comedian by the time that I am done haha.
Wednesday we met with an Atheist named Marqueese. He is honestly one of the coolest guys I know. He wants to know if God exists but in order for that to happen he wants a sign. I don't think Heavenly Father works that way. We don't make the terms for how things are going to work in life. We are going to see him on Wednesday so we will see how that goes.
On Friday we had an awesome Lesson with Fernando. He is progressing great and he just loves the way he feels as we meet with him and as he comes to church. I love being able to teach all of these amazing people that the Lord has prepared for us. It is very humbling to me the think that Heavenly Father is trusting us with his children that he has prepared. But I love being able to meet with them and Testify with all the sincerity that I have that this church is true and that God lives and loves us. Fernando is awesome and I can't wait to keep meeting with him.
Saturday was the Baptism and lets just say Satan was trying to do everything that he could to stop it from happening. The Young's have a hard time when the weather is bad because they have a hard time getting around. That morning it was snowing super hard and it didn't let up. Also the Transformer blew so there was no power to the church. We didn't have any lights or hot water to fill up the font. The Youngs and the Sister Missionaries decided to do it anyway. They knew the Lord would provide a way. There faith was awesome. We were able to get half of the power back to the church and we got warmish water in the font. They were right, heavenly father provided a way. It was super cool to baptise them. It was different baptising a man with one leg and one in a wheel chair. I had to improvise quite a bit but it all worked out good and Elder Hoyt and I were able to confirm them the next day as well.
Later that day was a huge miracle. We met with one of our investigators Josh for the first time. We were teaching him the restoration and when we got to Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, it pretty much turned into a testimony meeting. He told us that he had been to and that he had watched the Joseph Smith movie and that he loved it. He said when Joseph Smith saw the first vision it was an amazing experience for him. So that was awesome but then we started talking about the Book of Mormon. We turned to Moroni's Promise and he said he already knew what that was and that he had done it already. We asked him if he had gotten an answer and he said that he knew that it was true and that he was so grateful for the opportuninty he has to read it. We asked him to be baptised and he said absolutely! That was so awesome!
I was reading in Alma 5 today and it talks a lot about changing your heart. I was thinking about that a lot this morning. It wasn't saying to change your behaviour for a little bit, but to change who you are. Following Jesus Christ is something that has to be a part of who we are. It can't be dependent on who we are with or what circumstances we are in, it has to be our nature. That is when we will be able to feel true happiness and peach as we constantly strive to do his will and become the person he wants us to be. I love you all. I hope you have a great week.
Elder May

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