Monday, March 2, 2015

Another great week here in Wheeling! There have been so many miracles happening. God is moving his work forward here and it is awesome to be a part of. Thomas, Fernando and Josh all have baptismal dates this month and they are doing great! We taught Fernando the WOW this week. I was kind of nervous at first because he was doing amazing and we knew that he had problems with it. When we taught him it he was a little surprised about the coffee thing. But when we asked him if we would live the WOW in his life, he looked at us like we were asking a dumb question. He looked at us and said, "Well yeah, I want to follow Jesus Christ so I will do anything I need to." That was a week ago and he had only one cup of coffee the next day. He is doing great. One of the most humble faithful people I have ever met. He has a date set for the 14 of March. He is definitely going to make it!
We taught Josh the Plan of Salvation and it was awesome. He said that it all just made sense. He said that he knew what we were teaching is true. We committed him to be baptized on March 28 and he said "Absolutely". He already has an amazing testimony and we are so lucky to be teaching him right now.
Thomas has a date for March 14 as well. We have been calling him every night to see how he is doing. On Friday he gave us a call and said that he wanted to push his date back. We asked if we could see him real quick and he said we could. He told us that he bought some E-ciggs to help him quit smoking. He said that he didn't want us to plan a baptism just for him to mess up and then having to cancel it. We told him that it was up to him but we shared some scriptures about faith as well. We testified that if he had the faith that he would be ready for baptism on the 14 but we told him we would do what he wanted. He stood up and handed us his cigarettes. So that was his answer! It was awesome. We gave him a blessing after that he would have the strength to make it to the 14th. I feel so blessed to be here right now. I don't feel like Elder Hoyt and I even have to do anything. These people are so prepared and awesome it almost feels like they are teaching us sometimes. I love seeing our Saviors hand in everything we do. It is truly his work.
Saturday was amazing. We got to go to the temple. I love the temple so much and the things that we are able to learn there. The peace that abounds in those buildings is amazing. It is a testimony to me of the reality of Jesus Christ and that this really is his restored church. As we were sitting by the doors ready to leave, the doors opened and the Turners walked in. They are the most amazing couple ever and Elder Taylor and I had a great relationship with them. They were one of the hardest families to say goodbye to before I left and there they were at the temple. I was sooo happy to see them. It was probably the hardest thing I have ever done to not give sister Turner a huge hug. But I gave brother turner one so it was all good haha. It was such a tender mercy! this church is true. I know it is. We are so blessed to be a part of it. I hope you all have a great week.

Elder May
Columbus Ohio Temple

Elder May with the Turners

Elder May and Elder Hoyt

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