Monday, March 23, 2015

This has been another great week! The best part is that Josh and Thomas both passed their baptism interviews and they are going to be baptized this Saturday! I am so excited. Elder Hoyt and I have been blessed so much out here these last couple of months. I know that it is out of the goodness and love of our Heavenly Father and we are going to keep working our hardest so we can always be ready for those blessings.
We met with Thomas this week and we really wanted to make sure that he was ready for Baptism and that he was aware of the Commitment he was going to make. We talked with him and we said that we wanted to really make that he thought that he was ready. The next time we met with him he said that he had prayed about it and that he knew  he was ready. But then he said that he wanted to do better on his scripture study. We have been talking to him and he is doing great with his studies and I know that he is ready to be baptized. He has been doing amazing with the Word of Wisdom and he has a very strong testimony of the Atonement. One of the best parts about being out here has just been being able to see people completley change their lives through the Atonement of Christ. And Thomas is definitely one of those people. He is so much happier now and he has hope. That makes everything worth it.
The work is going great out here and we are able to meet with lots of people. The ward is especially awesome. I know that is the biggest reason the work has been progressing the way it has. Members make the biggest difference in missionary work. Always look for ways to be a member missionary! One of the members took us to play tennis in indoor courts today!! It was so fun! He had all the rackets that I used and I got to play this pretty good player and we had an intense match. That was awesome and we are about to go get some pie so this day probably couldn't get any better!
I am so grateful to be out here and for all of your support. This church is true and I am so excited for Easter. Because of Christ we have EVERYTHING. Always remember that and let that be your motivation. He has done so much for you, so what can you do for others. have a great week.

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