Monday, February 2, 2015

Well this week has been a crazy but an amazing week. My new companion is Elder Hoyt! He is from Saratoga Springs! I am really excited to be serving with him. As I was sitting in the trainer meeting, I definitely didn't feel like I was ready for it. I still like I need training a lot of the time and I was pretty nervous to be training someone else. But I knew that if Heavenly Father wanted me to train, it would all work out. This has been one of the greatest blessings for me though. I know that I can not do this on my own, but it has been so cool to see that as I have relied on the savior, he has lifted me up to do things that I could never have done before. I can see his hand so much in my life and that is an amazing blessing.
On Tuesday we went to the Oliver's for dinner. This was Elder Hoyt's first dinner appointment and Brother Oliver was on one. He kept coming up to us and trying to attack us with some Kung fu moves or something. Don't worry we held him off though! But it was definitely a good first dinner appointment.
The highlight of the week was setting two investigators with a date. One is Fernando and he actually came to church on Sunday. He was a media referral and he had actually referred himself. We went over to teach him and the spirit was really strong. He said that he loved the happiness and peace he felt. He said the he just wants to follow God the best way he can. He is an amazing guy and I know that he can be ready for his baptismal date.
The other one we set with a date is Chris. He has been taught by a lot of other missionaries in the past and he said that missionaries always come into his life when he needs it the most. It was pretty funny, he asked if baptism was the same as it was back in John the Baptist times because back then people could just go up to him and say that they wanted to be baptized and they could be baptized right then and there. He was wondering because he wanted to know if he could do that haha. We told him that he there was a couple things that he had to do first, but we would definitely help him get there as fast as we could.

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