Monday, September 7, 2015

This week has been great! Life is going great in York Pennsylvania. We have been teaching a new investigator named Nicole! She is super cool. We talked to her on her porch and taught her the restoration. We gave her a Book of Mormon and the next time we went over she had actually
read out of it!! She had some really good questions and we were able to answer those for her. The best part was that she agreed to be baptized! I am so grateful to be apart of this work where we are able to see all these happen. Thursday as we were planning we had the impression that we needed to
go by and see one of the active families in our ward. As we went to see them the next day they expressed how grateful they were to have us over and that we showed up right when they needed it. We talked to them for a little bit and they invited us over for dinner. So a couple of hours later went over for dinner and one of their really good friends , who is also one of our investigators was also there. We hadn't been able to see him for a really long time so it was awesome to have him there. After dinner we had a lesson on the Book of Mormon. It was so great to have a family there who had seen the blessings of this gospel in their lives be able to to testify to Barry of its truthfulness. I am grateful for the testimonies that we have all been blessed with. It is what we are able to hold onto when those hard times come. I love in Helaman 5 how many times it says the word remember. Satan tries to get us to forget the spiritual experiences that we have had. But if we remember those moments when the Holy Ghost has born testimony to us of truth, that is something that we cannot deny. I love being a missionary and I love Pennsylvania, even though I haven't stopped sweating all summer Haha. Thank you for all of the support that you give.

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