Monday, September 28, 2015

Hey everyone! This week has been great! Last Monday we played a lot of basketball which was nice to do that again. Afterwards we went to Chipotle and one of our investigators, Kimberly, was working there. She hooked us up with some free burritos and drinks! That's when you know that they are truly prepared to hear the Gospel haha Tuesday we were able to do a lot of service. We helped a member load up a trailer with a lot of the stuff he had and then afterwards we want and helped Mari do some yard work. She had us trimming raspberry bushes. These things hadn't been trimmed in years so they were monsters. To get everything we had to climb into the middle of them. And apparently raspberry bushes have thorns haha. Lesson learned, don't wear shorts and a short sleeved shirt to trim raspberry bushes. But I know that service is really an awesome way to soften somebody's heart. We taught her the restoration afterward and she was super open and receptive. Hopefully she will read and pray about the Book of Mormon.

A highlight of this week was going to see Bernice. When we went to see her, her whole countenance had changed. She told us she was sick of feeling the way that she felt and that she was ready to do whatever it took to finally be truly happy. That is a huge step for Bernice. She said she was done with Satan trying to try to tell her not to do what we were asking her to, she wanted to be choosing for herself. So we invited her to a baptism the Spanish branch was having on Saturday. Well Saturday rolled around and she came! Even thought the whole thing was in Spanish, I am really starting to think I need to learn Spanish, she said she felt the spirit so strongly and afterwards she told us we better have a ride for her to get to church! These are such huge steps for Bernice and I hope that she continues with this same determination. We also did some service for Fran again. We mowed her lawn and did some yard work and while we were pulling weeds together, she told me that she was looking through some old papers from her husband who died over a year ago and she found out that he had been a member of this church and that he had never told her. She said that she was thinking about joining the church now! It is so amazing how the Savior will lead people to certain things in their lives when they are ready for it. I hope that she does get baptized because I know of the happiness that it will bring to her in this life. I can see how happy she would be as she is in the temple getting sealed to her husband. That is what this Gospel is about. It is about having true joy and happiness in this life. That is one of the purposes of our Heavenly Father. For us to be as happy as we can in this life and in eternity. I am grateful for a savior that makes it all possible. Thank you for all of your support and I hope you have a great week!

Berniece's Son

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