Monday, November 23, 2015

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great week! This week has honestly probably been the best week of my mission! I was able to get my new companion this week. His name is Elder Wilkins and he has a whole week under his belt now haha. He is such a solid missionary already and I am excited for this chance to serve with him, I know I will learn a lot from him. He is from Saratoga Springs. It has been so amazing being able to come back to my first area and see the people in this ward who I love so much! Especially because you never know when, or if ever, you will get the chance to see them again. It has truly been a special blessing of my mission. We were able to see a lot of people this week and some former investigators that Elder Taylor and I were able to teach. One of them was the Clark family. They are some of the most loving Christ like people I have ever met. We had an awesome lesson on the atonement of Christ and how he is a source of light in the dark world we live. I love testifying of Christ and all that he has done for us. After one lesson we had with an investigator we went to get in the car and it wasn't working right. The check engine light was on and it had no power when we would try to get up the hills out here. So we pulled over and checked under the hood for anything but we couldn't see anything wrong with it. Elder Wilkins suggested that we pray. So he said a prayer and we went on our way. We went to teach someone else and when we got back in the car the check engine light was gone and it was running perfectly. It was so cool and very humbling. That was Elder Wilkins first idea of what we should do and we were able to see a miracle happen because of it. To end off the week we had a stake priesthood meeting. It was a stake meeting so that meant some people from Wheeling were going to be there as well! Tons of people from Wheeling were there as well including Josh, one of the people we were able to teach when we were there. He has gone to the temple, received his patriarchal blessing and is working on getting the Melchizedek priesthood! What makes a mission special is the people you meet and the way that they change your life. It was a blessing to see all these people who have made my mission what it is. I am eternally grateful for the people I have met and for my mission. I have never been more truly happy in my life then I have been this last year. Thank you for all that you do. Have a great week everyone.
Elder May

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