Monday, November 2, 2015

Hey Everyone!! Well it is officially getting cold out here, I even had to pull the wool socks this week! Pennsylvania is so beautiful this time of year though. We were able to go on a hike last week and I think we caught the leaves in their prime. I am so grateful to be here, I definitely know that Pennsylvania is where I need to be at this time.
This week was great! On Tuesday was our ward Halloween Party. Our investigator Domonic was there and he brought his Grandma and his Cousin as well! They really enjoyed themselves so that was great. It was fun seeing all the kids in their costumes and how proud  they we're of them haha. Towards the end all of the Elsa's, which there were a lot of, got on he stage and sang "Let it go". It was pretty funny, especially when all the little boys got up with them and started singing louder than all of the girls.
We talked to a lady named Eman Saed this week. She just recently moved here from Egypt with her family. I don't know what it is but, we just have a knack for finding all of the Egyptians out here. We only have so many Arabic Book of Mormons haha. But she wants is to come over and to teach her family, we are excited, it is going to be awesome. This Sunday a less active lady named Julia Grove that missionaries have been working with forever came to church!! I was so happy to see her there a long with her Sister. That is what makes everything worth it as a missionary. Just one person accepting what you teach brings so much joy. I don't care how many people reject as long as we can help just that one person. 
I found a quote his week that I really love. It is by David O. McKay and it says:
What is the crowning glory of man in this earth so far as his individual achievement is concerned? It is character--character developed through obedience to the laws of life as revealed through the gospel of Jesus Christ, who came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Man’s chief concern in life should not be the acquiring of gold, or of fame, or of material possessions. It should not be the development of physical prowess, nor of intellectual strength, but his aim, the highest in life, should be the development of a Christ-like character. 
I love that quote. Is that what we are striving for and becoming through our actions? I love the Savior and I know that he has made it possible for us to be like him. We will have a light about us that people will notice and want to be around. We will start to think about others over ourselves and we will find that we are truly happy and at peace. I know that is true. Thank you for all that you guys do. 
Elder May                                                                      

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