Monday, June 22, 2015

This has been another great week here in PA! This week we have spent a lot of time transferring over all of the records from our paper area books to our ipads. It has been a long process but it feels really good to have it all done with. We had to finish that all up this week so we spent a lot of time doing it so getting out doing missionary work felt super good every time we got the opportunity to do so. 

We had some really awesome experiences this week! On Monday a member took us fishing at the Susquehanna river. It was really cool! We were fishing for catch fish but we didn't end up having any luck, but I did catch a turtle. I was trying to real in and it was really hard, I thought I was stuck on a log for sure but. But I just kept going and eventually my line got within 10 feet of the shore and it ran into a rock and this huge snapping turtle was on my line! I reeled it on top of the rock and when it saw us in snapped the line and swam away. I know that this is just like all of the other fishing stories out there but this one is true. It was lucky to get away, I'll be sending a picture of me wrangling a snapping turtle in no time.

On Wednesday we went on exchanges and I was able to stay here in York. We felt prompted to knock on a certain door we passing and when the man answered it we found out that he had actually had been to Nauvoo a couple of times and he really liked it. He loved the feeling he had there and he said that we could come back sometime. I love being able to see the Lord's hand guiding us every single day. Little things like that prove that he is always there watching over us.

We had a really good lesson with our investigators from India. They don't have a Christian background at all so we had a lesson just about Jesus Christ and who he is. I loved being able to bear my testimony of Jesus Christ. They said they were able to feel peace as we testified of him. I am so grateful for the knowledge of my Savior. That knowledge has completely changed my life so being able to teach someone who knows nothing about him has been so cool! I know that as they grow closer to him it will change their lives.

On Saturday we were teaching a lady and her 3 year old son came up to me and said "Your cheeks are red." It was pretty funny. He then said it was probably because I was smiling too much. So he told me that if I wanted to not have red cheeks that I couldn’t smile as much. Then for the rest of the lesson he would come up to me with the biggest smile and ask if his cheeks were red haha. It was really funny. 

Today I was reading in Helaman 5. It talks a lot at the beginning about remembering. That really stuck out to me. We all have had spiritual experiences or something that we have learned that has been really important to us. We need to always remember those experiences we have had. Remember your testimonies and most importantly remember the Savior. We haven't been left to get through this life alone, we just need to always remember what he has done for us because he has been there every step of the way. Have a great week everyone.

Elder May   

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